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Product name : High Strength Wire Mesh(Tecco Mesh)
Material : Galvanized Wire,Heavily Zinc Wire,Galfan Wire
Fabrication Process : Woven
Colour : Silver
Aperture Shape : Diamond
Surface Treatment : Galvanized,Galfan
Packing Method : Bundle
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    This is a special slope stabilization system,also known as high tensile strength TECCO wire mesh,consist of below components

1) High Tensile Strength Wire Mesh

    Wire strength: 256 ksi (1770 N/mm2)
    Wire diameter: 0.125 inch (3mm)
    Material: Galfan Wire (95% Zn / 5% Al coating) 
    Coating: 0.41 oz/ft2 min,125g/m2
    Mesh aperture: 3.3"(83mm) x 5.6"(143mm)
    Mesh height: 0.43" (11mm)
    Mesh strength: 150 KN/m

2) Spike Plates

    To insure optimal transfer of forces from the mesh to the anchors, a special spike plate has been developed.These plates are placed over the anchor heads and tightened in order to pre-tension the mesh onto the slope.The plates are galvanized and have dimensions of 13.0" x 7.5" x 0.4"(330mm x 190mm x 10mm).

3) Anchors

    The main anchors of the system are installed in a grid typically ranging from 6.6 to 13.1 ft(2.0m to 4.0m)horizontal and vertical spacing.Actual spacing depends upon the results of site analysis and modeling.Anchors consist of commercially available steel bars ranging from 1.0 to 1.25"(25 to 32mm).Self-drilling grout injection anchors are also permitted.Additional anchors may also be used to provide added support at boundaries and in low points and hollows.

    Through the steel bars (can be applied to prestressed) and/or Rope bolts(adopted when there is edge supporting rope),special anchor plate as well as a necessary edge supporting rope fixed ways and so on,as the system is mainly composed of a flexible net to cover the potential geological disaster slope,so that to achieve the purpose of protection.Applicable to the collapse, landslide, shallow sliding, protection and strengthening of potential geological hazards rockfall, soil or rock slope.

Main Composition

   ※ Anchor bar/bolt bar,normal use Φ25/28 common thread steel anchor with the end zone for processing screw thread,also can use Φ25 finishing rolling rebar, and hot dipped galvanized as needed;Hole forming difficult time,could use self-into the hollow anchor bar;

Boundary line,optional components,when complicated topography boundaries or need to increase the effect of closed boundary, we consider using it.It is Φ 12or Φ16 hot dipped steel rope, the length of single rope should be not more than 40meter. At the two ends of the every rope,there has one double strands 2 Φ16 rope bolt with length 2-3meters. 

   ※ Auxiliary bolt,optional components,applied to the place where is local valley or the boundary,to let the wire mesh better close to the shope,the same form as the main anchor,but the diameter could be thinner,normal 20-25mm,length is generally used 1-1.5 m;

   ※ Drive type Anchor/Bolt,optional components,applied to soil slope where is local valley or the boundary,to let the wire mesh better close to the slope,better for using Φ16 steel bar,the length is generally used 0.3-0.6m,one end welding hook.

Design Parameter and Material Configuration

Protective areas:
    General to the existing or potential damage zone extends at least more than 1m;

Bolts spacing a and b: 
    2-4m,standard space is a = 3.3m,b = 4m;

Prestressing force P: 
    There are regional slide instability in 30-50KN design,only when protect the weathering or rockfall tighten the nut make the the wire mesh as close to the slope as possible.

Anchor length L: 
    Designed as requirement,but should not shorter than 2.15m,generally use 2.15-3.65m (The exposed section length 10-18cm), anchored into the slip boundary following above 1M should be better, and ensure the pullout force not less than 40KN or 1.3P;

     Anchor Diameter D: 
    Designed as requirement,generally 25-28mm,Ensure the single rod anti breaking force of not less than 100KN or 3P;
    Bolt Inclination: 
    General should dry drilling, the hole diameter should be bigger 12mm more than the bolt diameter;

Seaming steel wire or rope: 
    Net inter block jointing use the same type steel wire processed weaving corrugated suture wire as the steel wire mesh/grid woven wire,net blocks transverse connection use Φ8 hot dipped galvanized steel wire rope or the same type steel wire as woven steel wire mesh,its length approx 1.2 times than the seaming direct way;

Anchor plate: 
    The same quantity with anchors,with the special nut;

Optional components: 
    According to the need of design configuration.

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