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Product name : Spider Slope Stabilization System
Material : Heavily Galvanized Wire,Galfan Wire
Fabrication Process : Woven
Colour : Silver
Aperture Shape : Diamond
Surface Treatment : Galvanized,Galfan
Packing Method : Bundle
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Spider Slope Stabilization System 

   Spider slope stabilization system also known as the spider spiral rope net,rockfall drapes,spider net,spider rope net,spiral wire rope SPIDER net,etc.It mainly used in GSS2A, GSR2A system, its function is similar to the GPS2 active net.The general network using 3.5X10M, bolt can be designed according to the requirements of 3-4.5M spacing, depth can be used 2-8M;Connecting bolt and system network with SPIDER anchor plate, bolt distribution can be rectangular, plum shaped distribution,Because of the special structure of SPIDER net,the bolt can be sparse distribution of dense,basically can meet the slope at any point arrangement of bolt,the length can be short or long,the slope reinforcement mechanics index of diversity, this point is better than the traditional diamond mesh type GPS series.

   The SPIDER slope stabilization system is a kind of high strength steel wire spiral mesh as the main body,a new active protection system.For high steep rock slope reinforcement,boulder and loose rock reinforcement,spider system is a kind of high quality protection product.

Normal Specification

   Aperture shape: diamond   Aperture Size: 292 x 500mm (+/-5%)  Wire Diameter: 3.0mm   Strands Structure: 1 x 3                             
   Monofilament intensity: Not less than 1770N/mm2      Zinc mass: Not less than 150g/m2     Breaking force: 195-220KN/m

System Components

   ※ Spider net

   ※ High strength carbon steel wire mesh
   ※ Prestressed anchor/bolts
   ※ Special anchor backing plate

Fixing Mode 

   ※ Prestressed anchor bar/bolt
   ※ Special anchor backing plate

Bearing Capacity

     It is better than all of the current flexible slope stability system

Design Method

    Based on the theory of RUVOLUM design system

Product Feature

   ※ Simple structure,installing more efficient
   ※ New structure design theory,model and layout of anchor selection more targeted
   ※ Special mesh and anchor form,bring greater slope pre-pressure,more optimized system stress transfer
   ※ Longer anticorrosive life
   ※ More economic investment. 

Product Application

   ※ Soil slope and rock slope stability reinforcement
   ※ Various types of boulder rock reinforcement
   ※ Can be combined with deep anchorage measures for slip control

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