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Product name : Rocco Ring Net System
Material : Galvanized Wire,Galfan Wire
Fabrication Process : Linkd
Colour : Silver
Aperture Shape : Round
Surface Treatment : Galvanized
Packing Method : Bundle
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     Rocco Ring Net System is a special branch of passive protection system,It has the characteristics of higher than ordinary passive protection system strength.The same applies to buildings next to the buffer zone of the lofty mountains and steep hills, the rock fall, rock avalanche, debris flow, intercepted in the building, destroying avoiding disasters on building facilities.
    Rocco Ring network is formed by single wire, two ends of lap length not less than 100mm. Twine together ring with steel or aluminum alloy fasteners in at least three hoop uniformly distributed locking, and one is located at the two ends of the joint, in addition to the edge ring hole, 4 rings each with its surrounding buckled together. Single tool can replace installation, repair and parts of the system.
    In order to adapt to the development trend of construction industry factory,system components are standardized factory products,The construction site in addition to a small number of the bolt installation foundation construction based, mainly for the assembly building, construction and installation and repair personnel only need a small amount of conventional simple machines can be system installation, repair and replacement of parts.Because the steel wire rope form of rockfall restraining net energy limited,we developed this ring network system to replace of steel wire rope netting,its geometric changes can occur in the process of rockfall impact,with more prominent flexible characteristics. Based on these characters, this rockfall restraining network can intercept rockfall energy more than 3000KJ,also be able to further simplify the structure form (as the supporting rope and decompression ring configuration),convenient repair and maintenance of local damaged,Has become a new type of rockfall restraining net instead of a wire rope net system (RXI), the SNS passive protection system has been updated and upgraded.


    1.Shock can occur ring hole geometry deformation a more flexible characteristics superior
    3.More powerful energy absorption ability
    4.The kinetic energy of up to 3000KJ or more rockfall blocked
    5.Great elastic working range
    6.Less maintenance requirements
    7.Independent loop holes mutually sheathed
    8.Replacement repair after local damage more easily and more economical

Note: In the table,digital behind models represent the passive safety net energy absorption ability.For example"050"represents the system maximum energy absorption capacity for 500KJ, "150"represents the system maximum energy absorption capacity for 1500KJ,and so on.

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