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Product name : Reno Mattress(Gabion Mat)
Material : Galvanized Wire,Galfan Wire
Fabrication Process : Twist and Woven
Colour : Silver,Green,Blue
Aperture Shape : Hexagonal
Surface Treatment : Heavily Zinc Coated,Galfan Wire or PVC Coated
Packing Method : Pallet
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Reno Mattress(Gabion Mat)

    Reno mattress name from the Reno River,it also known as gabion mats,cage mats. This is a similar hexagonal wire netting products with gabion basket,obviously its height far thinner than its length and width,just like a mat. By filling stones inside,mainly used for scouring proof structure of water conservancy dikes, bank,coast, has the advantages of flexible and ground adaptability.

Normal Specification

    Reno mat is the height thickness of 0.15-0.3m (including 0.3m) cage structure.

Specification Table
Length(m) Width(m) Height(m) Opening(cm)
3m 2m 0.15-0.20-0.25 5 x 7
4m 2m 0.15-0.20-0.25 5 x 7
5m 2m 0.15-0.20-0.25 5 x 7
6m 2m 0.15-0.20-0.25 5 x 7
3m 2m 0.17-0.23-0.30 6 x 8
4m 2m 0.17-0.23-0.30 6 x 8
5m 2m 0.17-0.23-0.30 6 x 8
6m 2m 0.17-0.23-0.30 6 x 8
    Reno mat is divided into a plurality of cells,in order to strengthen the Reno mat structure strength,all of the panel edge with a larger diameter steel wire.Its specification can be customized according to the engineering design.

Product Feature

To improve the stability of river bed slope
River bed scour protection
Provide the roughness coefficient (m) of a predetermined value
The green and ecological protection on the slope and bank
Convenient construction

Product Application

Mainly used for river,slope,embankment slope protection structure,it can avoid the river bank destroyed by water and storm
※The natural convection between water body and earth mass exchange function, achieve ecological balance
The slope plant can increase the landscape, greening effect


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