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Product name : Diamond Wire Rope Netting(Active)
Material : Galvanized Wire,Galfan Wire,Plastic Coated Wire
Fabrication Process : Woven
Colour : Silver,Green
Aperture Shape : Diamond
Surface Treatment : Galvanized,Galfan,Plastic Coated
Packing Method : Bundle
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    The steel wire rope netting is also known as the diamond wire rope net,WICCO System,NACCO System(PVC coated diamond wire rope net),it is high tensile flexible systems for slope stabilization,wire rope opening is 150mm - 300mm for national standard mesh. At present,the maximum sheet size we are making is 5m x 5m steel wire rope net,opening size could be 150mm、200mm、250mm、300mm,types as below

    ※ 150mm aperture      DO/08/150
    ※ 200mm aperture      DO/08/200
    ※ 250mm aperture      DO/08/250
    ※ 300mm aperture      DO/08/300

Technical Requirement

     Steel wire rope net made from 8mm pure steel core steel wire rope,tensile strength not less than 1770 Mpa.

Product Application

    ※ DO/08/150、DO/08/200、DO/08/250 normally used for the passive protection system RX-075、RX-050、RX-025
    ※ DO/08/300 normally used for the active protection system 

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