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   Diamond Wire Rope Net System not only can be used in Active Protection System,but also can be used in Passive Protection System. Galvanized Steel Rope net is equal to WICCO System,PVC coated Steel Rope net is equal to NACCO System.

   SNS Passive protection system is also called stone blocking mesh,made by flexible steel wire rope netting installed in the slopes to stop the falling rocks. It can also be installed in the mud-rock flow area to form the flexible fencing dam to stop the huge solid pellets in the flow. 

Standard Specification

1) Diamond wire rope net:
    Rope wire diameter: 8mm
    Hole size: 200mm (+/- 5%)
    Roll size: 4m x 5m, etc.  

2) Grid net:
    Wire diameter: 2.0mm or 2.2mm
    Hole size: 50mm*50mm
    Roll size: 2m*20m

3) Anchors:
    Steel Rope anchor diameter: 16mm                                                                                                         

4) Rope:
    Border rope diameter: 12mm or 16mm
    Seaming rope diameter: 8mm

5) Other Components:
    Steel Column,rope support base,vacuum ring
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Diamond Rope Net(Passive)
Diamond Rope Net(Passive)
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