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   The Rocco Ring Net also known as Flexible Ring Net Barriers,Rocco High Tensile Steel Wire Ring Net,it linked together by rings made of high tensile-strength steel wire which between 5 and 19 spirals are bundled together. It has good buffering performance through its deformation, and it is with outstanding energy absorption properties and has a wide application for active and passive protection system.

Bundling Types

   Ring net has three bundling types of rings,ordinary pressed connection, direct winding and spiral winding. Especially,direct winding ring has the outstanding performance. The wire is bearing load uniformly,has a simple appearance without a button joint, and is without ring broken failure when loading.

                                  direct winding ring pressed connection ring spiral winding ring
Inner Diameter Winding Number Wire Diameter Tensile Strength Zinc Coating


5, 7, 9,
10, 12, 17,
19, 20


A:1370 Mpa
B:1570 Mpa
C:1770 Mpa

Ⅰ: 150g/m2

Ⅱ: 220g/m2

   Ring net has 4-ring bundles, 5-ring bundles and 6 ring bundles.

Standard Discription

    ring bundle type + ring inner diameter + wire diameter + strength + galvanized layer - length × width

System Types

Rocco Ring Net System VX Barrier: For narrower V-cuttings

    With smaller mountain torrents we anchor the debris flow barriers in the channel flanks without posts with spiral rope anchors or self-drilling anchors with flexible anchor heads.The ring net is hung from the upper and lower support ropes fitted with braking rings,using shackles.This type of structure is suitable for a span width of up to approx 15m and an installation height of up to 6m.

Rocco Ring Net System UX Barrier: For wider,U-shaped Channels

   The debris flow barrier for large mountain torrents is preferably supported by two posts in the river bed-and with spiral rope anchors or via flexible anchor heads.This type of structure is suitable for span widths of up to approx 25m and an installation height of up to 6m.

Debris Flow Barriers without posts
Type VX060L-H4 VX080-H4 VX140-H4 VX100-H4 VX160-H4
 Installation height  2-4m  2-4m  2-4m  5-6m   5-6m
 Span width  up to 10m   up to 15m  up to 15m  up to 15m  up to 15m


Debris Flow Barriers with posts
Type UX100-H4 UX160-H4 UX120-H6 UX180-H6
Installation height 2-4m 2-4m  5-6m  5-6m
Span width up to 25m up to 25m up to 25m up to 25m
    Note: VX/UX 060-180 ... =  Resistance to debris pressure and impulse during stopping,filling and overtopping process
            VX/UX...H4/H6 = Maximum installation height in meters

Rocco Ring Net System
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Rocco Ring Net System
Rocco Ring Net System
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