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SNS Passive Protection System

    Passive Protection System is using fence type flexible rockfall restraining net which mainly constructed by steel wire rope netting,to be placed on a certain position of slope,in order to intercept rolling stone and avoid the destruction of protected object,this protection system also know as rockfall restraining netting; When set to debris flow area,can form a flexible grid and intercept large solid particles of debris flow.

Diamond Wire Rope Netting

    It mainly constructed by steel wire rope netting(need to intercept scrap rockfall additional a layer of steel wire mesh),fixed system(anchor rod/bolt,anchor rope,foundation support and supporting rope),decompression ring and steel post four parts,the former is characterized.The protective energy is generally 150KJ-2000KJ,special design can be as high as 5000KJ.
Passive protection system according to its protective energy, different structure forms and characteristics can be divided into three classes and 17 models,the most commonly used is the RX-050 type.In the design,not only consider of the easy install,but also consider of the installation can be bad topographical conditions such as the cliff, i.e with the least amount of anchorage and the most number of excavation to realize the quick and easy installation.

    In order to adapt to the development trend of construction industry factory,system components are standardized factory products,The construction site in addition to a small number of the bolt installation foundation construction based, mainly for the assembly building, construction and installation and repair personnel only need a small amount of conventional simple machines can be system installation, repair and replacement of parts.

ROCCO Ring Network

    The number of shares of a coil of wire to form an annular mutually sheathed and the formation of the network.Applicable to buildings next to the buffer zone of the lofty mountains and steep hills, the rock fall, rock avalanche, debris flow, intercept in building facilities, damage to avoid disaster on building facilities.Its role is to intercept the rockfall protection energy is generally 150KJ-2000KJ, special design can be as high as 5000KJ.


Characteristics of Passive Protection System

    1. To adapt to a variety of high slope, high slope of the rolling stones, rockfall terrain
    2. Engineering installation is quick and easy to use, construction of small interference
    3. Low Influence of mountain environment
    4. Long service life of the system,up to 30-50 years
    5. Strong flexibility and strength,strong protective ability

Passive Protection System Installation Diagram

    Measurement Positioning→Foundation Excavation→Base Installation→The steel poles and the upper pull rope installation
    →Side pull bolt installation→Upper and lower supporting rope installation→Check and accept→ Grid Installation→Pull Net

Common Passive Network Configuration and Protection Function

Note: In the table,digital behind models represent the passive safety net energy absorption ability.For example"050"represents the system maximum energy absorption capacity for 500KJ, "150"represents the system maximum energy absorption capacity for 1500KJ,and so on.


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