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Dura-Weld Gabions

Dura-Weld Gabions are offered in a variety of wire diameters,mesh openings,coating types and cage size to suit the project requirements. The ability to produce a wide range of mesh opening configurations means that a wide range of rock infill sizes can be used.

Dura-Weld Gabions are modular units consisting of end,base,top and side panels,bracing wires,diaphragm panels and spiral wires or "C" clips for connection. The spiral "C" clips connection method ensures rapid construction.


Galvanised or Galfan wire,PVC coated for additional durability.


1) Economic,just a stone can be sealed into the cage
2) Easy to construct,no special technology
3) Have a very strong withstand natural damage and corrosion resistance and resistance to weather impats
4) Can withstand a wide range of deformation,but not collapse
5) Among the stones is beneficial to plant production of sludge can be fused with the surrounding natural environment as a whole
6) Good permeability,to prevent the hydrostatic damage


1) Control and guide of water or flood
2) Flood bank or guiding bank
3) Preventing of rock breaking
4) Water and soil protection
5) Bridge protection
6) Strengthening structure of soil 
7) Protection engineering of seaside areas.

Normal Specification of Welded Gabions
Length Width Height diaphragm Volume Tolerance
 2.0m  1.0m  0.3m  1  0.6m3  
 3.0m  1.0m  0.3m  2  0.9m3  
 4.0m  1.0m  0.3m  3  0.2m3  
 2.0m  1.0m  0.5m  1  1.0m  L +/-3%
 3.0m  1.0m  0.5m  2  1.5m3  W+/-5%
 4.0m  1.0m  0.5m  3  2.0m3  H+/-5%
 1.0m  1.0m  0.5m  0  1.0m3  
 1.5m  1.0m  1.0m  0  1.5m3  
 2.0m  1.0m  1.0m  1  2.0m3  
 3.0m  1.0m  1.0m  2  3.0m3  
 4.0m  1.0m  1.0m  3  4.0m3  

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