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    Terramesh Unit is a gabion front with an integral mesh panel keyed into the backfill which allows high strength stabilisation without using high mass stone fills. High walls with heavy loading can be designed.Terramesh system are made of double twisted wire mesh where the back panel (tail) and the borders of the front gabion-shaped part are connected in the production process. Like with gabions, the front part is filled with stones that provides the necessary strength and drainage of the structure. 

   Differently fro Green Terramesh,in this case,the elements do not allow the vegetation to develop,except in the cases when on the front side of the gabion part of the structure, a vegitation pocket is installed.

   Terramesh structures rely upon the double twist steel wire mesh placed horizontally within the slope with backfill compacted upon it.The gabion type facing element of the Terramesh System is fully integrated with the double twist mesh reinforcement and is dependent upon the final use of the structure. The double twist mesh reinforcement takes advantage of the friction acting along the surface of the wire and, more importantly,the mechanical interlocking properties of the backfill.

Structure of the system element

   ※ One-piece panel made of double twisted wire mesh,whose front part is fortified with steal wire of a bigger diameter coated with polyethylene
   ※ Geosintetic and biodegradable mat for erosion protection
   ※ Welded bars in the front part of the element that holds the mat and acts as a modul
   ※ teal bars hold the front part at a certain angle

   ※ Easy to construct
   ※ Permeability of the front face,guaranteeing drainage of the backfill
   ※ Flxibility,enabling the structure to tolerate differential ground settlement without compromising structural integrity
   ※ Significant soundproofing characteristics(18-28decibels)
   ※ Structural safety in case of fire near the front face
   ※ The reduction of environmental impact through the use of vegetation incorporated into the front face of the structure
   ※ The versatility of gabions,which allows the formation of a structure with vertical,battered or stepped front face as required and minimization of environmental impact


  ※ Reinforced slopes
  ※ Reinforced walls
  ※ Bilateral bank reinforcement
  ※ Noise control reinforcement
  ※ Embankment reinforcement 

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Terra Mesh System
Terra Mesh System
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