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   Tecco Slope Stabilization System is a special slope stabilization system.It also known as single high tensile strength wire mesh,rockfall drapes,high tensile strength TECCO wire mesh.

Consisit of

   ※ High Tensile Strength Wire Mesh
   ※ Spike Plates
   ※ Anchors/Bolts
   ※ Bounary Line
   ※ Auxiliary Bolt
   ※ Drive Type Anchors/Bolts

Normal Specification

   ※ Wire strength: 256 ksi (1770 N/mm2)
   ※ Wire diameter: 0.125 inch (3mm)  
   ※ Material: Galfan Wire (95% Zn / 5% Al coating)  
   ※ Coating: 0.41 oz/ft2 min,125g/m2
   ※ Mesh aperture: 3.3"(83mm) x 5.6"(143mm)
   ※ Mesh height: 0.43" (11mm)
   ※ Mesh strength: 150 KN/m

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High Strength Wire Mesh(Tecco Mesh)
High Strength Wire Mesh(Tecco Mesh)
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