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Active Protection System

Active protection system is using kinds of flexible network to cover or wrap on the rock slope,limit slope rock soil weathering ,destruction and collapse(Strengthening effect),or control the rockfall movement in a certain range(Envelope function).
   SNS Active Protection System is using Rope Bolt (or anchor bar) and supporting rope to fix metal flexible network cover onto potential geological slope,so as to achieve the slope reinforcement or limit the scope of rockfall movement.
   The main feature is divided into Steel Wire Rope Netting,Steel Wire Mesh and High Strength Steel Wire Mesh three types.The first two types fixed by Rope Bolt and Supporting rope,the third types fixed by Steel Bar(can be applied prestress) and Rope Bolt(Using edge supporting rope),Anchor Plate and if necessary,add edge support rope,cover the system feature flexible net to the potential geological disaster slope,so as to achieve the purpose of protection.According to the difference of protection function,protective ability,characteristics of composition and structural style,Active Protection System can be divided into four types.
Flexible feature enables the system to be locally concentrated load transfer to evenly around to give full play to the system's protection capability,the local load,the overall effect,So the system can bear larger load and reduce the requirement of single anchor.In addition,Because of the openness of the system, groundwater can free excretion, avoid due to elevated groundwater pressure caused by slope instability problems;This system has certain contribution to the stability of slope, but also inhibit the slope from being further weathering and denudation, and has no special requirements on the surface morphology, does not destroy the original topography and slope and the change of plant growth conditions,Its open characteristic to subsequent or future conditions and the implementation of artificial slope greening to retain the necessary conditions, green plants can grow freely in the open space, plant roots reinforcement and slope protection system as a whole, thereby inhibiting the slope destruction and soil erosion, which in turn protects the geomorphology and slope vegetation, slope protection and environmental protection to the best. 

Active Protection System Mesh

※ Spider Net
※ Tecco Mesh
※ Rope Mesh

Active Protection System Features:

※ Adapt to any slope terrain, especially in the broken hill
※ Installation of fast and easy to use
※ By means of artificial grass,green plants,maintain soil rock stability and safety environment;
※ Strong protective ability
※ Long service life of the system,up to 30-50 years

Active Protection System Installation diagram

Put the line→ Review → Hole → Bolting → Perfusion→ Installation of Vertical and Horizontal support rope →Acceptance
                                         ↓      ↑                                                                                                                   ↓
                                        Cleaning                                                                 Stretch Draw←Hanging Net←Seaming

Common Active Network configuration and protection function


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Spider Slope Stabilization System
Spider Slope Stabilization System
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High Strength Wire Mesh(Tecco Mesh)
Diamond Wire Rope Netting(Active)
Diamond Wire Rope Netting(Active)
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